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Casa Trauner


Casa Trauner is a short walk from Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, Europe's largest square to open onto the sea. Also a short distance away, one can admire architecture from Trieste's earliest history in the form of the Arco di Riccardo and the Teatro Romano, built at a time when the city was known as Tergeste. Moving from the Roman amphitheatre to the Grand Canal, you will be able to admire the numerous places of worship, home to a variety of religious denominations, evidence of the city's long-standing cosmopolitan nature. Once satiated architecturally, you might take a moment to enjoy coffee at one of the city's many literary cafés. Choices include the cafés Tommaseo, Tergesteo, Torinese, Antico Caffè San Marco, Caffè degli Specchi and finally Caffè Pirona, at whose tables Joyce composed Ulysses. Only here will you be able to try one of the many typical Triestine blends, allowing the Triestine baristi to amaze you with the variety on offer. After your coffee experience, you will be ready to embark on a journey around the city centre's shops, of which there are every sort. When you find yourselves famished from abundant perusal of the city's merchants' wares, you will surely find comfort in a table garnished with Triestine specialities. Such favourite fare includes: ham cooked in crusted bread; the famous Jota soup, cooked with beans, sour krauts and potato; stewed meats reminiscent of the Austro-Hungarian era; fish caught out in the Gulf and brought to table; all of which may be accompanied by a typical Karst wine and followed by a rich local desert.

Lastly, though hardly leastly, you can end your procession through the cities streets by stepping out along Audace Pier to take in the sight of Carso's descent into the sea from a special viewpoint.

Surveying the panorama of the city before and behind you, straddling the sea, you may well understand where those who sang of Trieste found their voices.

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